In South Sudan, roughly 2 million children are orphaned or considered “street children”. CWM currently operates exclusively in Gumbo, South Sudan. Gumbo is in the region of the capital Juba, South Sudan. Situated next to the capital, the number of street children are extremely high. Our CWM Center currently supports just over 60 orphans, both orphans living with their relatives (well below the poverty level) and orphans who live on the streets.

James 2:17-18 


We provide 3 meals a day. Each child is given 1 cup of porridge in the morning and then 2 meals of rice and beans in the evenings (3/4 cup of rice and 3/4 cup of beans per meal). CWM has brought the cost per plate of food to $0.09. CWM has hired a cook to provide the meals for the children. For hydration and hygiene, a water truck refills our two 55 gallon drums weekly. In 2019, we served over 5,000 meals. In 2020, we are on track to serve 65,000+ meals.


Out of the 60+ orphans that CWM supports, about 25 were found living on the street. Our housing program is made up of 3 buildings; Housing unit, Education class room, and a building for kitchen supplies/cooking. None of the buildings have running water or electricity and are currently rented to us by a South Sudanese Local. CWM hired a South Sudanese local to act as the caretaker overseeing the well-being of the children, supplies and buildings.  


CWMs most recent program was that of education. We hired a teacher in early Dec 2019. All 60+ children in our programs are given the opportunity in education but not required as of yet. Currently, only about 35 children attend our education program. The education provided is currently English. The children’s primary language is Arabic. All children attending are quickly learning how to read, write, and speak the English language.


Current medical treatments are provided by a South Sudanese nurse who also owns a pharmacy. The costs differ from month to month. The most common sicknesses and injuries are Typhoid Fever, Malaria, and severe infections from uncleaned cuts and scrapes.