Rescue and Safeguard through the nations

Mission Abroad: To Rescue and Safeguard Children affected by Conflict, Famine, and Slavery. Providing Food & Water, Housing, Education, and Medical treatment to Orphans and Children living on the Street. To experience the Power of the Holy Spirit in all Their Glory. 

Mission USA: Assisting Veterans and Non-Veterans alike. Combatting the difficulties of life’s challenges by finding our God given purpose in life. Promoting the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to strengthening our body, soul, and mind.

Children of war ministry center (cwmc)

From decades of war and conflict, South Sudan has an estimated 2 million orphans and children living on the street. These orphans are often subject to kidnappings, ritual killings, torture, rape, and much more. CWM currently has one Center within Gumbo, South Sudan but plans to expand further in the country and eventually Darfur, Central Africa Republic, Chad, and Somalia. We supply Food & Water, Housing, Education, and Medical Programs so these children can thrive, and one day become productive members of society.

The Gospel

Many of the children who come to our Center have had little to no knowledge of the Bible. Others have had heavy influence with traditional animalist beliefs and witchcraft. We share with them the bible and the stories within, but most importantly we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We share with them how to forgive, how to Let go, and how to Let God in. The Power of the Holy Spirit is alive and well. He comes in a wave of the fruits of the Spirit; Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control. We offer a chance for all to be Baptized in water and then Baptized in the Holy Spirit.


In our Domestic Mission, CWM provides guidance for Veterans and Non-Veterans alike. We help others who have gone through Life's struggles by motivation in learning their God given Purpose. By reading the Gospel and words of the bible, we see that God has ordained and set before each and every single one of us works (our purpose in life). By defining 3 aspects Hobby, Job, and Purpose; we can strengthen our motivation to serve others while serving ourselves and God.

When one discovers their hearts greatest joy which align with the worlds mightiest struggle, there-in lays one purpose.
-Founder Scott Long